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Email coaching and accountabilityThis is one of my favorite coaching packages to offer, because of the quick results that clients get and I get to see the difference I’m making in their businesses and lives on a regular basis – it’s a win win for everyone!

This is a simple, straightforward process that yields tangible results because of the critical piece that is often missing from other coaching packages: accountability.  By stating your goals, mapping out a plan and knowing that you’ll be reporting on your progress at the end of the week often lights a fire and spurs you on to not only reach but exceed the goal that you’ve set. You have a coach, a cheerleader and drill sergeant in your corner all with the same focus of helping you reach your business goals.

Email coaching is a great option for busy entrepreneurs – you can type your emails at any time that works for you, day or night. There are no scheduled phone calls and you’re never put on the spot – you can think about and process things on your own time. Time zones don’t matter and you’ll have all of the coaching emails to refer to time and again.

Email coaching is also more individualized – no more splitting time and attention with others in a group setting! Get answers to your pressing questions, learn just what you need to grow your business. You determine what you want to work on and that becomes our focus! Weekly accountability helps keep you focused on taking consistent action to get you closer to your goals.

How does it work?

* You’ll get started by completing some worksheets so I know where you are in your business, what struggles you’re facing and where you want to go. I’ll learn what’s working well in your business and what you’d like to improve. You’ll set goals for our time working together.

* Completed worksheets are sent to my private coaching email account, which you’ll receive after your order is processed.

* I’ll reply with personal feedback and suggestions for how to move forward.

Each week:

* You’ll send me an email (a template will be included to help prompt your thoughts, questions and recall your accomplishments for the week). Each email will be ‘due’ by Sunday night at 8 pm EST.

* By Monday at 5 pm EST (but often much earlier than that),  you’ll get an email back from me, filled with personalized feedback, suggestions, resources and homework for the week.

* You may also receive handouts, short videos to watch or worksheets to complete depending on where you are in your business and what you’re working towards.

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